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Extended Lifetime Warrenty

Extended Lifetime Warrenty


With our extended lifetime warranty, enjoy your purchase from WooWiey hassle-free!  We will replace your items that break without question.  Simply ship your product back to us for an exchange at no extra charge.

1. About the Lifetime Warranty
This document contains a Lifetime Warranty (the “Warranty”) provided by having a principal place of WooWiey (“WooWiey ”, “we”, and “us”). This Warranty applies to a single product only (“Product”) which is purchased through the website (“Website”) operated by WooWiey.
This Warranty does not affect your legal rights under the applicable national laws governing the sale of consumer products.

2. Exclusion from the Warranty
2.1 The Warranty does not include:
- a normal wear and tear of the Product,
ï any defects caused by neglect, alterations, exposure of the Product to abnormal or extreme conditions;
- any defects caused by the use of the Product that is incompatible with the instructions and operating procedures of the Product or an improper installation of the Product;
- any defects caused by a liquid spillage or loss of parts of the Product;
- any defects caused by using the Product with an alternate power source (solar, inverter, generator, etc.); and
- any defects caused by a modification or an attempt to repair the Product without WooWiey’s prior authorization.
2.2 You are solely responsible for using the Product appropriately in accordance with the instructions and operating procedures applicable to the Product and for regularly maintaining it.

3. Obtaining the Warranty
3.1 The Warranty is purchased individually for each Product sold through the Website.
3.2 The Warranty is valid only if purchased during the same transaction as the Product to which it applies.
3.3 In case you purchase multiple products through the Website and a single Warranty only, you are free to choose to which one Product this Warranty shall apply.

4. Exclusivity of the Warranty
4.1 The Warranty is exclusive and non-transferable.
4.2 The Warranty is valid only if claimed by the person who is an original buyer of the Product as indicated in the receipt of the original purchase transaction.

5. Liability
5.1 WooWiey’s liability and your sole remedy for a defect of the Product under this Warranty and for any claims arising out of the purchase and use of the Product shall be limited to the replacement of the Product that does not conform to this Warranty with an identical or equivalent product.
5.2 In no event, shall WooWiey be liable for incidental or consequential damages arising out of your use of the Product.

6. Claiming the Warranty
Please read the instructions for claiming the Warranty carefully and make sure that you follow them accurately.
6.1 For Warranty claims, please first contact WooWiey by email at: You may be requested to provide a purchase receipt or other proof of purchase of the Product.
6.2 Afterwards, in order to obtain a replacement of the Product, please return the Product to WooWiey at your own cost, including shipping and handling costs. Such costs are non-refundable.
The return address will be given to you by email.

6.3 To speed up the Warranty claim, please enclose an explanation of the defect of the Product.
6.4 It is your responsibility to ensure that the Product being returned is properly packaged so as no damage occurs to the Product during transit.
6.5 Please inform WooWiey as soon as you dispatch the Product and provide us with a proof of dispatch.
6.6 Please do not send any products to WooWiey before notifying WooWiey about your intent to claim the Warranty. If you fail to notify WooWiey before sending back the Product, the Product will be returned to you.
6.7 If a replacement is provided, the Product replaced becomes the property of WooWiey.
6.8 WooWiey shall dispatch the replacement of the Product to you free of charge as soon as WooWiey receives the defective Product.
6.9 A warranty claim does not lead to an extension of the period of this Warranty.

7. Contact details
Any questions pertaining to this Warranty should be addressed to WooWiey by: